Statement on the fake news about CitizenGO, Russia, and the Invasion of Ukraine

In the last few weeks, the radical left has published false statements and fake news accusing the CitizenGO Foundation of receiving funds from some Russian "oligarchs". These allegations are part of a campaign launched with the sole purpose of discrediting CitizenGO and our successful work in defense of life, family, and freedom all over the world.

In response to these false accusations, CitizenGO issues this statement:

  • CitizenGO has never received donations of any amount from any Russian “oligarch”, nor from any businessman or corporation connected to Putin or Putin’s government.
  • Since our inception, CitizenGO has sought to preserve independence and with this purpose in mind, CitizenGO does not ask for and does not receive financial support from public institutions, political parties, or big corporations.
  • CitizenGO is wholly financed through small online donations made by thousands of pro-life and pro-family citizens throughout the world.
  • CitizenGO cooperates with individuals and organizations from all over the world that share our commitment to the defense of fundamental values such as life, family, and freedom.
  • CitizenGO strongly denounces the media organizations, politicians, and activists that manipulate or spread fake news about our organization.
  • CitizenGO firmly condemns the violation of human rights, international law, as well as attacks that threaten the sovereignty of countries. In particular, we condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and pray that the war in Ukraine may come to an end soon.
  • CitizenGO is helping the people of Ukraine by sending funds to the local Caritas organizations working in Ukraine and some of the countries that are accepting the majority of the Ukrainian refugees: Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary.
  • On March 1, 2022, CitizenGO ceased its activities in Russia.